FullSizeRender(2)I’m a sunshine girl.  I was born and raised in Southern California living just a few minutes away from the beach.  I am currently a full-time college student aspiring to be a speech pathologist.  I have a strong passion for meeting new people, educating the world about dwarfism, and writing.

Ever since I was a young girl I engaged in conversation with practically anyone I came across because they all had questions regarding my short stature.  You could say that right from the start I’ve been educating the world around me about dwarfism and what it’s like to live in a body that only stands 4’1″ tall.  My passion for writing started in high school.  That’s when I began to really feel that I had a story to tell to others around me and around the world.  Once I picked up a pen and started writing I poured out everything that was inside of me.  That is how my memoir, “Always Looking Up” started.  In addition, I enjoy traveling, spending time with family & friends, staying active / working out, photography and going down to the beach.

I hope Hulamadi.com can be a place where you can feel inspired to never give up on your dreams and to learn new things. On here I will be sharing all of the newest things going on in my life and sharing my advice on such topics that mean the world to me.


P.S.  Make sure to use the hashtag #Hulamadi #AlwaysLookingUp on all your social media sites.